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Purpose of the Wytheville Training School, Inc.
The purpose of the Wytheville Training School Cultural Center Inc. (W.T.S.C.C., Inc.) is to preserve the buildings and grounds of the historic Wytheville Training School and the adjoining Benjamin McKinney house. The organization's goal is to promote the understanding and appreciation of Wythe County's African/American education heritage within the context of the 19th and 20th centuries, and to utilize the old school facilities to provide education and cultural opportunities for citizens of all ages, races and economic levels. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, the W.T.S.C.C. is governed by a board of directors comprised of interested citizens who strive to preserve the historic Wytheville Training School facility and to oversee its development into a modern education center.

The WTSCC Inc. is dedicated to:
Preserving, collecting and utilizing artifacts and other materials of historical significance relating to African-American and rural education in Wythe County during the years of segregation.
Fostering a sense of history by enabling audiences to draw strength and perspective from the past and impart a purpose to the future.
Increasing citizen participation and access to - computer and telecommunications technology and education.
Providing adult education programs and after-school enrichment activities.

Purpose of the Fund Raising Project
The W.T.S.C.C., Inc. must pay back the funds necessary to purchase the Wytheville Training School property. In addition, the W.T.S.C.C., Inc. needs funds to renovate the old school facility and to establish a community technology center and a museum and cultural center. The technology center provides computer access and instruction for local citizens. Adult education and literacy services, after-school enrichment programs for children, and job readiness programs are also available. The museum will tell the story of African-American and rural education in Wythe County, utilizing displays, interpretive materials and educational programs. The W.T.S.C.C., Inc. will renovate a building on the property to be used for offices or as an educational facility. Contributions to the Wytheville Training School Cultural Center Inc.'s campaign are tax deductible.

Campaign Information
Are tax deductible

Contact Us by E-mail or by phone:

Director of Education / Building and Grounds
Telephone: 276-625-0042
Fax: 276-625-0028

Make check payable to:
Wytheville Training School Cultural Center, Inc.

Mail check to:
Wytheville Training School Cultural Center, Inc.
410 E. Franklin St.,
Wytheville, VA 24382.

For more information about this fund raising campaign, please contact:
Frances A. Emerson
115 W. Spiller Street
Wytheville, Virginia 24382

Thank you for your generous support of our mission.